Five Ways To Have A Clean House And A Pet

Do you despair of having both a clean house and pets? We get it. When we talk with pet owners, they tell us, “We love our dogs and cats, but we don’t love that it’s so hard to have a clean house!” They wouldn’t trade a clean house for a pet-free home, but they want to find a way to have the best of both worlds.

The petWISP offers both --  the opportunity to have pets and a clean house in a way that won’t break the bank… or your back! Here are our five top ways to have a clean house and a pet.

  1. Invest in a robotic vacuum cleaner. If you have one of the automatic vacuums you can simply turn it on, set it for the room you want cleaned and let it do the work for you. You can clean multiple rooms in one day without having to haul out the vacuum cleaner. If you have a dog or cat who is afraid of the noise of a vacuum, this may be an issue you will have to contend with. Also, some pets may be nervous about something scooting around the floor on its own!
  2. Keep stain cleaner in the house -- maybe in several rooms. When you have dogs and cats, you will have vomit. Don’t mean to gross you out, but it’s true! When vomit happens, tackle the mess and the potential stain with a stain stick or a spray on/vacuum off stain remover and voila -- no more stain.
  3. Lint rollers are your friend! Most pets shed. Some more than others. If you have a pet who sheds on your furniture, your clothing, your car, your bedding… you see where we are going with this, right? Keep lint rollers on hand. The type of lint roller or lint brush you use and how many you need will depend on the number and type of pets you have in the house and how much they shed. The petWISP can be used to remove pet hair from floors, your car, your furniture and your pet’s bedding; this means you don’t have to worry about having multiple lint rollers -- you can just have one WISP.  
  4. Carpets or door mats in front of all doors should be in use if you have pets who go out-of-doors to do their business. If you live in an area of the country where it rains, snows or is dusty, having a door mat is an ideal place to wipe off your pet’s paws before he or she tracks in dirt, mud or snow and rain. You may also want to have a soft, absorbent towel by the door to dry off your wet pet and his or her paws.
  5. Pets in the house means you will have food, dirt, mud, fur and other pet-centric messes. At petWISP, we understand! We know you “love the pets, but hate the mess” and because of that we invented the ultimate cleaning system: The best broom for pet hair, kitty litter and beyond. We also created a WISP cleaning system for small space clean-ups and for removing stubborn pet hair from furniture and from your car. petWISP uses electrostatic bristles that grab pet hair and takes it off of any surface. Just being human means you will have messes -- spilled coffee grounds, broken glass, dirt tracked in on shoes and boots.

If you want to spend more time with your family and your pets, look into the WISP and petWISP. With these products you: Save time and energy. Stand up right when you’re cleaning and can even clean one-handed in a back and forth raking motion. The WISP is ideal for pet owners and non-pet owners because there is no dirty problem WISP can’t handle.

As a pet owner, what is your biggest pet mess cleaning issue? Show us a picture!

We’d love to know!

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