Tips For RV Travel With Your Dogs And Cats

Pet parents, especially empty nesters, are looking for ways to spend more time with their pets and are embracing the title “pet parent.” These pet parents are also more mobile than in generations past and because of that, they are seeking ways to include their pets on the adventures rather than sending them to a boarding facility or leaving them home with a pet sitter.

If you’re an adventurous pet parent traveling in an RV (recreational vehicle) here are tips for RV travel with your dogs and cats.

Microchip your pets or make they are wearing collars with identification tags with up-to-date contact information. You don’t want to set out from a trip without your entire crew; making certain they are leashed, collared and chipped can help. In an unfamiliar place your pets may act differently than they do at home and this could cause them to bolt from the safety of your arms or the RV.

Use seat belts and carriers when the RV is moving. Don’t give into the urge to let your pet sit on your lap without being belted into a pet-friendly harness. Accidents happen and you don’t want your pet to get injured. Use seat belts for dogs and put your cats into carriers and belt them in as well.

Bring familiar items from home. If your pets sleep with a specific blanket or love a particular toy or even a cat scratching item, bring it along. Feed them the same food they eat at home and keep them on a schedule that is as close to their home schedule as possible. This includes meal times, play times and outdoor potty times.

Be a good pet neighbor. Look for, and make reservations at, pet-friendly RV parks. Understand the rules of the park. It may require proof of vaccinations, you may need to keep your pet on-leash and there might be times when quiet is expected. If your dog is a barker, a close-quarters RV park may not be ideal. Plan to always, always pick up your dog’s waste and properly dispose of it. If you’re traveling with cats and need to empty the litter box, dispose of this properly as well.

Be prepared for messes. You may enjoy spending hours on the open highway, but your pets may suffer upset tummies and you may find yourself cleaning vomit or worse. Also, when you’re on the road, other messes can happen -- a tipped over litter box, spilled dog or cat food, broken glass, road dirt and dust or even sand from the beach. To keep the RV clean and neat, don’t forget to pack a PetWISP. While no cleaning product can say that “cleaning will be fun!” the makers of PetWISP do say cleaning will be less back-breaking with its telescoping-handle broom. The broom has patented electrostatic bristles that quickly and easily picks up all variety of pet messes and pet hair. Clean the RV without scaring your pets by using a noisy vacuum cleaner. The PetWISP quickly cleans up messes and removes pet hair giving you more time to enjoy your RV road trip.

Have fun! A cross-country or even a cross-county road trip is made more fun when spent with friends (furry or otherwise) and family. Where will your travels take you?

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