Traveling with Your Pet During the Holidays Made Easy with These 8 Products

Leaving your pet behind is one of the hardest things a pet parent has to do when traveling during the Holidays. But, what if you didn’t have to spend another vacation wondering how your best furry friend is doing with the pet sitter or at the kennel that you hope lives up to its good reviews? Imagine being able to take your best fur baby with you...wait, you don’t have to imagine it anymore.

Here are 8 awesome products that make traveling with your pet loads of fun, easy and safe, even during the Holidays!

  1. miniWisp. This cute thing might be small in size, but it’s huge on function. With its electrostatic bristles, the miniWisp is the perfect tool to attract and clean up pet hair when you’re on the go. It’s easy to store, comes in a variety of colors, and works on all kinds of surfaces.
  2. Petmate Travel Bowl Duo Portable Pet Bowls. Meal time might be a big deal at home, but when you’re traveling, feeding your pet should be quick and easy. That’s why the Petmate travel bowl duo portable pet bowls are the perfect solution for pet parents on the go. It takes seconds to set up, moments to clean up and it’s even dishwasher safe.
  3. Pet Naturals Calming Treats. Traveling can be stressful for the whole family, but especially for the pets. That’s why Pet Naturals Calming treats are available for cats and dogs of all sizes. They even have a special treat that’s for both cats and dogs, so you never have to play favorites. These treats are designed to support relaxation, which your fur babies will definitely if they get stressed out while traveling.
  4. Sturdi Products Pop Up Kennels. Have you ever been away with your pet and suddenly find yourself wishing for a cute, cozy kennel to pop up where you can keep your furry friend safe and comfortable while you tend to other business? The Sturdi Products Pop Up Kennels make that travel wish come true! No assembly is required, either. Just take the kennel out of the case, shake, and out pops a kennel. Sturdi Products Pop Up Kennels even come with a case where you can store your pet’s evacuation kit.
  5. Clawguard. It’s bad enough when your furry friend scratches up your doors and windows, but no pet parent wants that to happen at their in-laws’ home or worse, in a hotel room. That’s why Clawguard is the perfect solution. There’s no installation, no assembly, and no hassle. Just hang the clawguard on the door handle, and the door is protected from your pet. Clawguard even has a special film that adheres to windows to keep the glass safe from your pet’s nails.
  6. Sherpa Pet Carriers. These carriers are beautiful and designed for every breed of small dog and cat. The best part is that they’re made for airline travel. So, pet parents never again have to worry if their pet carrier will fit underneath the seat in front of them.
  7. Pawscout. Just like you can’t leave the house without your smartphone, don’t let your pet go anywhere without their brand new Pawscout, a smarter pet tag. This tag’s technology stores your pet’s medical information and tracks walks. However, the best feature is that it helps you find your pet if it should ever go missing by alerting you every time your pet is anywhere within range of someone with a Pawscout app. Think of it as Foursquare for pets, only better.
  8. Kurgo Pet Car Safety Harness. Road trips can be a lot of fun, but safety should always come first. Keep your pet secure inside the vehicle by using the Kurgo Pet Car Safety Harness. It’s designed to fit your dog just right, and even protect your dog on impact. No one wants to think about what might happen, but being a responsible pet parent means that we must be prepared, especially if it could save your fur baby’s life and/or keep them from running away, out of fear or confusion.

The holidays are here, and your calendar is quickly filling up with travel plans for the busiest season of the year. As you enjoy time with your family and friends, it’s nice to know that with just a few smart purchases, you can keep your pet at your side. After all, it’s where they belong, all holiday season long!

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