Ways To Celebrate National Pet Day

Did you know that National Pet Day is April 11? The holiday was created by Animal Welfare Advocate and Pet Lifestyle Expert, Colleen Paige, as a way to celebrate the joy that pets -- all pets -- bring into our lives.

How can you celebrate your dogs, cats, ferrets, reptiles, birds, horses and other animals with whom you share your life on April 11? Here are a few tips that you can consider and take to suit the type of pet you have -- after all a goldfish just won't enjoy a long walk in the woods as much as a dog would!

Ways To Celebrate National Pet Day


  1.  Buy your dog, cat or other pet a special new treat.
  2.  If your pet loves hugs and pets and kisses, give them a few more on April 11. For those pets who don't want to be cuddled, we'll bet they'd love a bit more attention. 
  3. Explore a new neighborhood with your dog. Take a walk somewhere new. If your dog is confined to a stroller, get out and enjoy a new area that is stroller-friendly. Have cats who walk on leashes? Let them spend some time outdoors if the weather is warm enough. 
  4. Volunteer at a local shelter to give the animals there some special attention. 
  5. Donate food, toys or blankets that you cleared out during your Spring cleaning time and give them to animals in shelters who are waiting for their forever homes. 
  6. Make memories with your pet and make sure you take photos of the fun time you're both having together. 

Do something special for the pet you love on National Pet Day and throughout the year. Let your pet know how much he or she enriches your life; they give so much to us and ask so little. They deserve this day to celebrate how amazing they are!   


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