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Inspired by Man’s Best Friend

At WISP Industries, we’re animal lovers. Most of us have at least one beloved pet of our own who’s part of the family. They’re great companions and their slobbery kisses are the best, but there’s no denying pets can be a bit messy. We know how frustrating it is to constantly clean your home, but never feel like it’s sparkling.

Inspired by Man’s Best Friend

By Pet Owners, for Pet Owners

Along with the joy of owning a pet comes shedding, spilled kitty litter and random pieces of kibble constantly littering the floor. Don’t get us wrong, our furry friends are the best, we’ve found the petWISP makes them much better roommates. Enjoy more time to play with your pet when cleanup is easier than ever.

Pet Friendly

The petWISP makes sweeping up pet hair a breeze.

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