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WISP Cleaning Set



Serving as the ultimate pet hair remover, the WISP Cleaning Set includes the...


Product Description

Serving as the ultimate pet hair remover, the WISP Cleaning Set includes the miniWISP and the WISPsystem. An amazing pet hair broom for carpet, the WISPsystem features dense, short 90-degree angle electrostatic bristles that work on all surfaces. Along with your broom, you’ll also receive a WISPpan and a WISPaway.

No stooping or bending is necessary when using this one-handed pet hair remover, complete with a telescoping handle that extends up to 51 inches. Sweep with a gentle push-pull motion to clean up pet hair, kitty litter or any mess made by your furry friend. Use the handy side combs on the WISPpan to quickly and easily extract pet hair from any surface. When you’re done cleaning, use your WISP storage sleeve to hang it up on a pantry door or hide it under the cabinets.

Also included with the WISP Cleaning Set is a miniWISP. The perfect pet hair remover for your car or even furniture, this compact broom works wonders. Containing short, dense 90-degree electrostatic bristles in an efficient 6-inch width, it’s easier than ever to remove pesky pet hair from your vehicle. Dustpan combs make the miniWISP hands-free, so you don’t have to get your paws dirty.

The WISP Cleaning set comes in four different colors — designer blue, gray, purple and red — so choose your favorite and get ready to use a pet hair remover that really works! The WISP Cleaning Set only ships within the continental U.S.